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8 x LED uplights
2 x Tri-lights
2 x Waterwave lights
1 x smoke/fog machine
All power cables


Create the Perfect Party Atmosphere with our Ultimate Lighting Pack


Set the Mood with Stunning Colour Washes

Turn any venue into a captivating wonderland with our Ultimate Party Lighting Pack. With 8 LED up-lights, you have complete control over the colour scheme, allowing you to match any theme or create a unique ambiance. Let your creativity shine as the walls come alive with vibrant hues and mesmerising washes.

Dive into an Enchanting Waterwave Experience

Enhance the atmosphere further with our waterwave lights. These magical fixtures project gentle, slow-moving waterwave effects, adding a touch of tranquility to your event. Whether you’re aiming for a soothing background or a dreamy setting, these lights create an ethereal ambiance that captivates everyone.

Groove to the Beat with Sound-Activated Tri-Lights

Bring the dance party vibes to life with our sound-activated tri-lights. These dynamic fixtures respond to the rhythm and beats, pulsating and changing colours in sync with the music. Feel the energy electrify the room as the lights move to the music, creating an immersive experience that keeps your guests on their feet.

Elevate the Atmosphere with the Smoke/Fog Machine

Take your event to the next level with the included smoke/fog machine. Instantly transform the space into a mystical realm, with wisps of fog floating around, enhancing the lighting effects and adding a touch of drama. Watch as the lights pierce through the mist, creating a breathtaking and captivating environment that will leave a lasting impression.

Easy Set-up for Hassle-Free Enjoyment

Setting up the Ultimate Party Lighting Pack is a breeze. Simply place the lights and fixtures wherever you desire, plug them in, and watch as your venue is instantly transformed. No complicated installation or technical expertise required. You can focus on enjoying your event while our lighting pack elevates the atmosphere effortlessly.

Make your parties, weddings, and events unforgettable with our Ultimate Party Lighting Pack. Captivate your guests with stunning colour washes, enchanting waterwave effects, sound-activated tri-lights, and the added allure of the smoke/fog machine. Get ready to create a truly immersive experience that will have everyone talking about your event long after it’s over.


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Perfect for parties, weddings and events where you want to create a 'mood' or ambient atmosphere along with a real party vibe with sound-activated lighting and effects!

The 8 uplights 'wash' walls with your choice of colour to suit any theme. The waterwave lights create slow, subtle 'waterwave' effects, the tri-lights are sound-activated/sound-responsive and the smoke/fog machine is an added effect.

This lighting pack is easy to set-up, you simply just place theme where you want and plug them in!

The iLighting Effects PLUS Hire Pack includes 8 x LED uplights | 2 x Tri-lights | 2 x Waterwave lights | 1 x smoke/fog machine | All power cables