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Elevate Your Event with Lighting and Effects Packages
Step into a world of captivating possibilities with our curated range of Lighting and Effects Packages. These meticulously designed combinations of lighting effects are here to transform your event into an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s scanners, derby lights, lasers, disco balls, gobos, par cans, or fog machines, our packages encompass a diverse array of options to create the perfect ambiance.
Tailored Brilliance for Every Occasion
Choose from our handpicked selection of Lighting and Effects Packages, each meticulously tailored to meet your event’s specific requirements. From high-quality scanners to mesmerizing laser displays, our offerings cover all your lighting and effects needs. Regardless of the event’s nature – be it a dynamic party, an elegant wedding, a public gathering, or an intimate soirée.
Effortless Integration and Operation
Engineered for simple integration and user-friendly operation, our Lighting and Effects Packages ensure hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event. Whether it’s a large-scale extravaganza or a cozy get-together, our packages ensure smooth connectivity and straightforward operation, ensuring a flawless journey from start to finish.
Professional Support at Your Fingertips
If you encounter any questions or require assistance during setup or operation, our dedicated support team is just a call away. Committed to making your event glitch-free, our experts are ready to address any concerns, ensuring uninterrupted visual spectacle.
Seamless Delivery for Your Convenience
To enhance your convenience, we offer efficient delivery services for all our Lighting and Effects Packages. Your chosen equipment will be promptly delivered to your doorstep in pristine condition, ready to infuse your event with dazzling effects.
Optional Setup and Teardown Assistance
For a stress-free experience, consider opting for our setup and teardown assistance. Our skilled professionals will manage the entire setup process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of event planning. Finally, after the event concludes, we will efficiently dismantle the equipment, ensuring a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Elevate your event’s ambiance with our premium Lighting and Effects Packages. Streamlined connectivity, swift setup, and expert assistance – all tailored to provide you with an unparalleled event experience.



ChromaWave Lighting Highlights:

🔆 1 x TPar COB Pulse Wash
🌈 2 x LED Par Cans
🎆 2 x UV Black Lights
🎛️ 1 x Premium Dynamic Light Stand
🔌 All Power and Cable Set



Unleash Unrivalled Lighting – Set the Night Alight! ✨🎉

LuminaRave Lighting Pack:

🔆 1 x TPar COB Pulse Wash
🌈 4 x LED Par Cans Colour Lights
🎆 2 x UV Black Lights
🌀 1 x Derby Laser Strobe Mega Fusion
💧 1 x Disco UV Laser Ensemble
🚀 1 x Laser Illuminator
💡 1 x LED Illumination Bar
💨 1 x Atmospheric Smoke Machine
🎛️ 2 x Adaptive Light Stands
🔌 All-Inclusive Power & Synchronization Cables



Unleash Unrivalled Lighting – Set the Night Alight! ✨🎉

Features of the SpectraShow Lighting Set:

🔥 1 x TPar COB Pulse Wash
🌈 4 x LED Par Cans Ambient Lights
🌟 1 x Derby Laser-Strobe Ultra Combo
💡 1 x Dynamic LED Bar
💨1 x Atmosphere Smoke Machine
🎛️ 1 x Adjustable Light Stand
🔌 Essential Power & Connection Cables



8 x LED uplights
1 x Waterwave light
All power cables



6 x LED uplights
1 x Tri-light
1 x Waterwave light
1 x smoke/fog machine
All power cables



8 x LED uplights
2 x Tri-lights
2 x Waterwave lights
1 x smoke/fog machine
All power cables

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